About Us

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M.M.Educational Trust was formed in memory of Late Mr.M.Maruthiah ex.M.P.

For the past 20 years, we have been actively engaged in various educational activities, such as Software Training, Competitive Exams’ Training and University Education.

NEET Foundation of India is an initiative by M.M.Educational Trust

NEET has become an essential exam for Medical College Admissions across India.
The private coaching centres conducting NEET Training, charge huge tuition fees. This makes it unaffordable for the financially poorer students. This hugely impacts the Medical college admission of, otherwise qualified, students.

NEET Foundation of India will provide affordable training to all students, aspiring to become Medical Doctors.
Our vision is to establish adequate Training Centres across Tamilnadu first, and then all over India.

We will set up NEET Training Centres, also through Franchisee network.
We will bring the existing NEET Training Centres, into our network, through Affiliation to NEET Foundation of India.
This will ensure that all the students, getting trained for NEET, get the same high standard of training, as desired by the NEET Foundation of India.

We will ensure that all the students, getting trained for NEET, get all the support that they need, irrespective of their financial status.

We will be in a unique position to guide the Doctors, trained through us, to have a mind for Social Welfare.

Come. Support Us. Join Us..